Monday, April 26, 2010

Canopy Fittings

Sold in a variety of sizes and shapes, canopies can be custom made to a customers liking or purchased as a complete pre-packaged kit. Whether your canopy is a custom design portable structure or pre-package shelter, the one vital element included with every purchase is the fitting. Canopy fittings are the glue that not only keeps the frame together but are also a main factor in what makes the framework both durable and dependable. Each connector fitting is made with galvanized steel, which is either bent or cut and welded to a canopy's specific pitch requirements. Available either with or without eye bolts, canopy fittings are available through most companies in three common angles.

The flat roof fitting features a 90 degree angle and can be purchased with either three, four or five point connections. The low peak angle has a slight rise to give the canopy peak a 102 degree angle. This low pitch design is great for swap meet and flea market vendors and can also be beneficial for residents in communities that do not allow structures to be visual above a fence line. The most popular and widely used of the three styles is the high pitch angle. Featuring a 120 degree angle, the high peak canopy fitting is the most versatile design and can be used in regions with snowfall as well as regions with more moderate temperatures.

In addition to the angle, canopy fittings are also sold in a variety of pole diameters. The four most common diameters are 3/4", 1", 1-3/8" and 1-5/8". Each diameter will accommodate basic EMT and Chain Link Fence tubing, which can easily be purchased through local hardware stores. The canopy replacement fittings are also readily available and can be purchased online in the event that a new part is needed. Having a good source for replacement canopy parts is essential and can determine the longevity of your canopy frame.

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  1. Hello
    Recently I bought portable party tent. It is very easy to install, need some minute for installation.

  2. When I needed a shade canopy for my business. This company had great prices and selection.

  3. Yes true, one thing to be considered when having a canopy replacement is the fitting. Thanks.